7 Tips to Cleaning & Organizing Your Closets

Clean and Organize Your Closets

Who hates coping with the seemingly overwhelming clutter in the closets? Raise your hands! (Oops, I’d better put mine down…)
No one enjoys organizing their closets, but keeping Happy Slob Style cleaning in mind, let’s take it bit by bit and gradually our nasty old closets will be looking better than ever.

7 Tips to Cleaning and Organizing Your Closets

1. Take It Out – Take it ALL Out! – Yes, you need to remove everything to see what you’re really dealing with. Do this on a day when you can devote a lot of time to your closet cleaning and make that your major cleaning project of the day. Focus on only one closet at a time.
2. Clean It – Now that it’s empty, you can dust and vacuum inside the closet. 🙂 When you add the stuff you really want/need back in, it’ll be to a cleaner, happier closet.
3. Add More Shelving – If it’s possible, add another shelf or two on the top of the closet. This will add tons of extra space for those items you don’t need to access on a daily basis. (Good for out of season stuff.)
4. Get Rid of Old Clothes – I know that a lot of your old clothes (and mine!) have sentimental value. Or maybe we’re waiting to lose that last 10 pounds to squeeze into our favorite old clothes again. Let it go! Declutter those closets and give to women’s shelters or other charities that can really use those articles of clothing. Or, if you need to make a bit of cash, have a garage sale to sell the clothes and other junk you find in the closets. Be a bit brutal, and keep only the things you KNOW you’ll wear. (Having a tough and organized friend helping you makes this easier.)
5. Use Every Inch of Space – Use Boxes & Baskets – Instead of doing this by having piles of old clothes everywhere, neatly folded away into boxes or baskets. You can then label them according to what’s stored inside.
6. Organizers Anyone? – I have one great hanging organizer where I put out of season shoes and other accessories I don’t use all the time. This and other types of organizers for your closets can be found at any home and garden shop — they again help you utilize every bit of space you DO have.
7. Get Creative with Space – If you find that even after decluttering your closet you’re STILL pressed for space for all of your clothes and goodies, then use some other spaces around your home for storing stuff you don’t need on a daily basis. Store these things under the bed, in other closet areas, etc. If you do this, be sure to keep a list reminding you where you put the stuff. 🙂 We slobbos are forgetful.
By: Christina Spense at www.happyslob.com

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