How Long Does It Take To Sell A House in Wichita KS?

When buying or selling a house in Wichita, Kansas, you undergo a rigorous process and a rollercoaster of emotions before closing on a satisfying deal. How long does it take to sell a house? What should you expect from your journey? Our team at Professional Home Buyers provides some insight into the process below.  Factors … Continued

Selling Parents House after Death

Selling Your Parents’ House After Death If you’re running a search for “how to sell my parents’ house after death,” you’re handling a lot right now. The death of a parent can be a difficult time emotionally and financially, especially when it comes to managing their affairs after the fact. If you’re responsible for your … Continued

How To Sell A Rental Home

How To Sell a Rental Home With Tenants Still in It If you happen to own a rental property with tenants present and want to sell, what do you do? Do you know how to sell a rental home with tenants still in it?  Below, Professional Home Buyers in Wichita, Kansas, offers some advice regarding … Continued

3 Relocation Tips after you sell your house

3 Relocation Tips After You Sell Your House What should you do to get ready to move to a new city after you sell your house? If it’s your first time moving or using relocation companies, you may have thought beyond finding moving boxes and packing tape. Here are a few relocation tips to help … Continued

Selling your home with HomeVestors vs Professional Home Buyers

Selling Your Home With Buy Ugly Houses and HomeVestors vs. Selling With Professional Home Buyers Selling a home means closing a chapter and preparing to start a new one. However, it’s not as exciting a journey for everyone, especially if they’re worried about unloading a house with limited options. If that’s you, you may be … Continued

Real Estate terms you should know

If you are buying or selling a home, all the real estate terms and definitions might be confusing. To help you out, the team at Professional Home Buyers is here with this quick guide on important real estate terms you should know and understand. We buy houses in Wichita, KS! Down Payment Down payments are … Continued

“Flip This House” Likes Us

In this video, you will see that Professional Home Buyers are the real deal. We have gained national recognition as one of the leading Real Estate companies in the nation. Even nationally known companies are taking notice of what we are doing here in the Wichita area.The stars From A&E’s Flip This House are fans … Continued

How We Help People

Meet the Stevens family! They are moving into their new home thanks to our Rent to Own Fixer Upper program. See what we can do for you.

Rent to Own FAQs

Our Rent to Own Program is designed to place home buyers into a home before they can actually purchase. We give you the opportunity to live in the home while you build your credit and expect you to finance within a certain amount of time. We’d briefly like to share a little information below, so … Continued

Customer Service

Do you like to be taken care of? We have a full staff that is here to help you in every need. Top-notch people in a top-notch company.In this video, you will learn– Who you will be working with– Who finds and sells homes– What happens if you have a maintenance request– Who manages the … Continued

Fix For Equity Program

You can have tens of thousands of dollars in equity with our Fix For Equity Program. Do some minor renovations and save tons of money on your future home.In this video, you will learn– How to buy Fixer-Upper Homes– How cosmetic work can increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars– How to … Continued

Houseplants For Happy Slobs

Houseplants for Happy Slobs 🙂 We happy slobs apparently kill a LOT of houseplants! I’m not the only one…so here are the emails I received from others who have had better success with houseplants since finding some that are REALLY low maintenance.Air FernsColleen wrote:“ONE PLANT THAT IS AVAILABLE, THAT EVEN YOU CAN NOT KILL IS … Continued

7 Tips to Cleaning & Organizing Your Closets

Clean and Organize Your Closets Who hates coping with the seemingly overwhelming clutter in the closets? Raise your hands! (Oops, I’d better put mine down…)No one enjoys organizing their closets, but keeping Happy Slob Style cleaning in mind, let’s take it bit by bit and gradually our nasty old closets will be looking better than … Continued

Customize Your Home

You can customize your home the way you want it. Pick your home, pick your carpet, paint and interior decor and we will do the work for you. What a great program: to get the home you want and to get it the way you want.– How to pick the home you want before we … Continued
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