Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Want to refresh your home this spring? Try brightening up your bathroom! A bathroom that is bright and clean can make your whole house feel fresh and relaxing. Freshen up the look of your bathroom by following these simple tips.

Scrub Everything!

This may seem like a no-brainer but the first step to a bright and beautiful bathroom is to clean every nook and cranny! A good scrub will do wonders for the bathroom. Be sure to pay close attention to the tile grout, lighting, and toilet. You may be surprised after giving the bathroom a good deep scrub, just how little work may be left to do.

Upgrade the Lighting

Replace old lighting fixtures with a more current style. Make sure you choose a lighting fixture that brightens up your bathroom. Ambient lighting is pretty but can make your bathroom feel dingy and dirtier than it actually is. If you don’t need to change out the fixture at least upgrade to brighter and more efficient light bulbs.

Paint the Countertop

Yeah, you heard that right. Give the countertop a facelift, with a couple of coats of Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile refinishing paint. It will take you a few hours and some elbow grease, but you can make your countertop look like new for less than $50.

Replace the Fixtures and Hardware

Every few years or so you’ll have to replace the fixtures and hardware. It can make such a huge difference. Be sure to replace the tub spout, as well, a nice new spout will make your bathtub feel inviting and relaxing. Try matching the hardware like toilet paper and towel rods to the plumbing fixtures as well, it will bring the whole look together.

Frame the Mirror

Framing in the mirror will add a great design element to the bathroom. Spending a few bucks on materials can give the bathroom a luxurious look and feel. If your mirror is already framed, give it a fresh coat of paint or stain and keep it looking like new.
Keeping the bathroom bright and clean doesn’t have to be a huge job. With a deep scrub and a few simple upgrades, you’ll have a gorgeous refreshed bathroom in just one weekend.

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