Common Myths About Cash Home Sales in Wichita

Do you want to sell your home but dread the traditional sale process? Perhaps you have looked into a cash home sale as an alternative. It sounds great on the surface, but you have read some horror stories and are now not sure if it is the right move for you. There are a lot of myths floating around regarding cash home sales. We wanted to dispel four of the most common myths so you can confidently decide on the best sales route for you.

You Will Only Get Low Offers

One common misconception or myth about cash home sales in the Wichita area is that the buyers will always low-ball you. Many might tell you that to get the best possible price for your home, a traditional sale is necessary. Yes, some unreputable investors may undervalue your home. But reputable, upstanding companies will provide the best possible offer for your home, so you need to do your research on the cash-offer company.

Beware the Scam Artist!

Just as with any other industry, there will always be bad apples. Do your due diligence and ask lots of questions. Most companies and investors who purchase homes for cash are not out to scam you. When in doubt, check the company’s rating on the BBB website and read reviews.

Your House Has to be in Perfect Condition

Contrary to popular belief, your home does not need to be in pristine condition or in a certain state to be eligible for cash home sales in Wichita. Before providing you with an offer, a cash home buyer will take the condition of your home into consideration, including repair needs. More often than not, they purchase homes in any state.

It Takes Too Long

No matter how a purchase offer gets made, the standard closing process still applies. Taking a cash offer for your home does not delay this step in and of itself. This means that you can still have quick home sales in Wichita when selling for cash.  If there are additional considerations or extenuating circumstances, there may be a delay no matter the sales route. Otherwise, you can close in a comparable amount of time. 

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