Create Your Garden

This post is inspired by one of our properties at 11402 Cindy Lane — it has beautiful landscaping!

We’re waving goodbye to wintry weather and slowly returning to the outside from our hibernation. Folks are out jogging, walking and bike riding in beautiful weather while trees are blossoming and the grass is turning green.
What’s another way to enjoy the warm sun before summer kicks in and we’re back inside? By gardening of course! But if you’ve never gardened before, where do you begin?  While we at Professional Home Buyers are not Master Gardeners, we think we have a few good tips to share, as well as ideas from the Internet.

Draw out a plan of what you would like in your garden. It is a good idea to measure your lawn and get to know your property lines. From there, you’ll understand better where you can plant bordering bushes, shrubs and trees. Becky, our Property Manager says hostas are her favorite bordering plant because they add height and color when its flowers are in bloom.

Planting perennials (plants that return every spring) like tulips, daffodils and crocuses will add color to your garden with easy maintenance. These flowers are usually the first signs of spring as crocuses can be seen flowering in the white of snow.
Your garden doesn’t have to be just flowers and bushes, however. You can add texture and contrast by placing objects like park benches, stepping stones, or large ceramic pots around the yard. Create a focal point and work with it.  Just look at the pictures of the garden at Cindy Lane! If you’d like more inspiration, drive around your favorite neighborhoods, and refer to sources like Better Homes and Gardens, the Farmer’s Almanac or gardening books. Here’s a source for gardening in April.
If you’d like more information about landscaping, watch the video “Components of a Beautiful Yard.”

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