Hit Your Home’s Refresh Button!

For many people, the beginning of spring is synonymous with organizing and deep cleaning. However, once you’ve dusted your bookshelves and vacuumed your office space, you may still feel dissatisfied. After all the clutter is cleared, it’s not unusual to find that your decor needs to be refreshed. Spring is a great time to update the decor in one–or all–of the rooms in your home.
If you’re looking for inspiration on how to update your living room, dining room, hallway, bedroom or patio, check out these tips from the pros to quickly give your space a makeover.

  • Living Room

To refresh a living room for spring: swap out a small piece of furniture, add an accent piece like a throw or accent pillow, or add a plant
Small things can make a big difference, especially if you’re accustomed to seeing your space daily. Swap out a small piece of furniture for something new, like a small side table, an ottoman or a stool. Another small item that can make a huge impact are accent pieces like throws and pillows. A new chunky throw on the sofa, or pillow on a chair can add unexpected texture and layers to a space. Unlike flowers, plants don’t need to be refreshed every week, and just need a bit of love. They will last all season and freshen up the space! — Tina Ramchandani of Life in Sketch

  • Dining Room

To refresh a dining room for spring: Mix up the dining chairs, add a white tablecloth and colored cloth napkins, or make a candlestick centerpiece
The dining room is one of the most important rooms in our home and is meant to be a place for family and friends to gather. Refreshing your dining room does not need to be a daunting or overwhelming task. There is no rule that says each chair at your table has to match. There are endless possibilities — between mixing colors, styles and sizes and variety — to add visual interest to any space. Filling your room with one-of-a-kind seating creates a story. Additionally, dressing a table in a tablecloth can either be casual or dressy depending on the fabric you choose. A quick way to refresh your table for spring is to use a white table cloth with colored cloth napkins for a pop of color. For the centerpiece, invest in a multitude of glass candlesticks in varying shapes and sizes. A grouping of five to nine candlesticks can add dimension and drama to a dining room table. Glass reflects light and visually expands a room. You can also add a floral arrangement in the center of the table or layer smaller floral containers among the candlesticks to add volume. — Leslie Hendrix Wood of Hadley Court

  • Hallway

To refresh a living room for spring, consider adding: mirrors, a storage bench, or artwork
Round mirrors are very popular right now and for good reason — a mirror makes any small space appear larger. Perfect for the hall and last-minute touch-ups before you walk out the door. A bench with storage is great for seating and a place to hide your umbrellas. Add a colorful throw to a storage bench to tie it in for spring. For a bright, cheerful hallway that makes a major impact when you first walk in the house, get a large-scale art piece to fill a wall. Save the gallery wall for the bedroom or living room. — Laurel Stavros of a Bubby Life

  • Bedroom

To refresh a living room for spring, consider adding: euro sham covers, bedside table lamps, or colorful artwork
When it comes to updating your bedroom for spring, think bright and fresh. With three simple changes you can completely update a room. Choose new euro sham covers. I love a white refresh to brighten up the space. They can match any color, so you can simply add to your existing bedding rather than starting over! A set of new bedside table lamps can do wonders for a space and can completely transform your room’s aesthetic. I always buy mine in sets of two to place on either side of the bed. Add a pop of color with a fun art print. I just love photography that whisks you away to a tropical destination. — Amanda S. Gluck of Fashionable Hostess
Source: Jamie Herzlinger Interior Design via Zillow Digs®

  • Patio

To refresh a patio for spring, consider adding: comfortable seating, a side table, or flower-filled planters
Comfortable seating is a must to creating an inviting patio and a place that you will actually want to use. Buying seating with thick cushions covered in outdoor upholstered fabric will be well worth the investment. Additionally, you can easily refresh your seating by adding or swapping out the outdoor pillows for a new color or design.
Another important feature of a patio is its table surfaces. A large outdoor dining table may not be in your budget or may take up too much space on your patio but you will need some type of table surface to place a book down on or a beverage or snack. This surface doesn’t have to be expensive. Lastly, planters filled with spring flowers will bring beauty to your patio luring you outside to enjoy. Planters can be bought or DIY-ed and positioned strategically on the patio (depending on the size of the patio shoot for two to four planters). If you have an exterior window by your patio, a window box planter will give your patio instant charm. Refreshing your patio this spring with comfortable seating, a side table and flower-filled planters will create an outdoor ambiance that is both functional and beautiful which equates to design success! — Tamara Cannon of Provident Home Design

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