Mothers – The Key Holder to the New Family Home

In tribute to Mother’s Day, Professional Home Buyers would love to honor all mothers with a special blog post. We did a little bit of research about home purchases and Mom.
Ladies, do you know how powerful your decision is in the entire home selling and buying process? You are the deciding factor in 87% of all household purchases and 91% of all new home purchasing decisions are made or influenced by you! One article provided by the National Association of Realtors found that 20% of all home purchases were made by women which accounts for about 1,285,000 homes!
When you are searching for a home, your experience is influenced the minute you enter the neighborhood. You keep track of how the entrance of the neighborhood looks, the way the neighbors tend to their lawns, and the overall “feel” of the area. Once you’re inside the home, you pay attention to every detail: how welcoming the entryway is, noticing the style of kitchen and bathroom countertops, opening every drawer and cabinet and saying out loud how you’ll use each room, each space and where the furniture will fit the best. You know which window will have the most natural lighting in the morning and each area is skimmed with a detailed eye while you envision scenarios of your children playing. You ask yourself, “Is it safe? Will this work for the kids?”
You even make the decisions quicker than your significant other! Coldwell Banker conducted a survey and found that almost 70% of women said they knew the day they walked into a home if it was right for them, versus 62% of men who said the same thing.
Mom, you are a home-buying hero. You look out for your children, you focus on security, you know when a home feels right or wrong, and you make the house, well, home!
Happy Mother’s Day!

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