Renters… Do You Know Your Rights?

Is your landlord failing to provide a safe and well-maintained home to live in? Do you know what rights your landlord has to provide to you as a renter? Below is a list of some basic right’s renters are guaranteed when renting a home. If your landlord does not follow these guidelines, you have the right to give them notice and possibly cancel your lease if they do not remedy the situation.

Basic Renters Rights:
  • Renter’s have the right to reasonable insulation and heating equipment capable of maintaining a minimum room temperature of 68°F in all habitable rooms. All heating equipment, including the chimney, should be maintained in good order and repair.
  • Dwellings should be free of structural hazards. Substandard structural hazards include: deteriorated or inadequate foundation, defective or deteriorated flooring or floor supports, flooring, ceilings, roofs or walls insufficient to carry imposed loads with safety, and walls or ceilings that are leaning, buckling or deteriorating.
  • Every dwelling must be free of insects and rodents upon new occupancy and extermination thereof should be responsibility of the owner.
  • Every window and exterior door of every dwelling shall be reasonably weather-tight, lockable, and rodent-proof and shall be kept in good working condition and good repair.
  • All plumbing fixtures shall be well maintained and properly connected to hot water.
  • Every dwelling shall be provided with a bathroom including a flushing toilet, shower, and permanently installed sink with running water.

On top of these, your landlord should make sure that there is no water intrusion that can cause damage to the house, your belongings and even create a mold that can be hazardous to your health. Kansas weather can wreak havoc on homes that cause issues landlords don’t have the time or money to fix.
HOW DO YOU GET HELP? If your landlord does not maintain your home and provide these rights, then contact us. We may be able to take over management and provide all the repairs and maintenance the property has been lacking. You can reach Rose at 316-712-0771 or to go over your options.
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