Renting 2 Own and Wichita’s HOME 80 Program

Good news potential home buyers! Wichita has reissued a program that was created to help residents with affordable housing. HOME 80 loans are available to home buyers that haven’t purchased a home within the last three years. The funds are designed to help with the down payment and closing costs associated with the purchase of an existing home. The loan has 0% interest and is deferred for five years. Once the five years have passed, half of the HOME 80 loan amount is forgiven.  The remaining loan amount would be due whenever the home was sold, refinanced, or no longer the borrower’s primary residence.
How Much Can I Qualify For?
Depending on the purchase price of the house, a buyer could qualify for up to $9000 (under some circumstances the amount could even be up to $20,000).  These funds would be attached to the property in the form of a second mortgage and would be paid to the City of Wichita.
What Are the Requirements?

  • -Potential Buyer cannot have owned a home within the last 3 years.
  • -Potential Buyer must have $1000 of their own money to use.
  • -Pre-Qualification by a lender- Potential Buyer must be able to obtain financing on their own.
  • -Potential Buyers must meet household size and income guidelines.

Does Home 80 Cover Every Home?
Not every home can be considered as a potential property.  The criteria for eligibility are:

  • -The price cannot exceed $95,550.
  • -The home must be more than one year old.
  • -Home has to be within predetermined/specified areas.
  • -The home must pass city inspection.

How Does the HOME 80 Work with the Rent 2 Own Program?
As you know, the Rent 2 Own program allows you to occupy a home while you build or repair your credit. With lender pre-approval, Professional Home Buyers can get you into a Rent 2 Own home and reimburse you the down payment once you are approved to purchase outright (6-12 month timeframe).

Where Can I Obtain More Information or Apply?
For more details or to pre-qualify for the Rent 2 Own program contact Ayanna at 316-260-8050 and  Applications for HOME 80 can be obtained from the City of Wichita at the Housing and Community Services Department or at

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