What Kitchens Used to Look Like

We’ve recently purchased a new home that will be on the market soon. But this home at 333 N. Vassar isn’t really that new.

In fact, it was built in 1917 and while it has been updated around the house to meet standards throughout the years, there’s still a whole lot of old-school charm leftover that makes us wonder what this home looked like before.

Our research shows that kitchen styles have come and gone, light switches haven’t always been switches, and electrical sockets weren’t always so important. It makes sense, but it’s still interesting! Not to mention, the location of this home in College Hill (between Central and Douglas) already has a lot of history.

Have you ever wondered what a kitchen looked like in the 1910s? If you think about your kitchen now, we have several plug outlets and electrical appliances to help make cooking easier. We feel we can’t cook without our electricity! But historically, electrical outlets were not that popular until 1910, even though they’ve been around since the late 1800s. Now we have codes to meet, including how many outlets per room. Though, in the early 1900s, one or two outlets were enough for an entire house!
And what’s a kitchen without cabinets? Today, the term “pantry” is a place to store food, either in a small room or closet. Back then, the pantry was really the place that stored everything for a kitchen.

Original kitchen cabinets in 333 N. Vassar, known then as the “pantry.”

We found some photos online of what we imagined the kitchen looked like before today. My how the times have changed.  Be sure to check back as we update the website with more pictures of this beautiful, historical home! If you want to do more research yourself, check out these great sites here, here, and here.

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