5 Things Successful People Do Each Morning

Posted by Amanda Augustine on The Ladders

According to Inc. Magazine, morning people have been found to be more proactive and more productive. But what exactly do they do to set themselves up for success?  Here are five habits successful people have developed to start their days on the right note.

They wake up early

Many successful professionals and political figures, from Square CEO Jack Dorsey to the U.K.’s former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, believe in an early start to the day.  

If you’re a self-proclaimed night owl, consider taking this seven-day challenge set by Fast Company’s Rachel Gillett. Click on the following link to find out what happened when Rachel and her readers woke up ‘insanely early’ for one week.

They make time to exercise

Exercising, even for as little as 30 minutes each morning, can make a world of difference throughout your workday. In fact, when you exercise in the morning, your metabolism gets triggered and remains elevated for hours, helping you feel energized throughout the day. Carve out time in the morning, before your workday begins, to get in your workout.  Can’t be bothered with the gym? Check out this 30-minute workout from Health.com.

They eat a healthy breakfast

This one should be a no-brainer by now. Scientists and successful professionals alike have been lauding the benefits of a good breakfast for decades. Breakfast provides the nutrients and energy needed to jump-start your day after fasting for six to ten hours overnight. Willpower is also at its highest in the morning, so choosing a healthy breakfast sets the tone for the decisions made during the rest of the day. Strapped for time? Prep your food the night before, and try out one of these 34 healthy breakfasts for busy mornings.

They meditate

According to the Huffington Post, meditation helps lower stress levels, improve cognitive functioning, creative thinking and productivity, and can even improve your physical health. Because of this, many corporate leaders are finding that meditation helps them deal with the stress and pace of their high-pressure roles. Cisco System’s Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, Padmasree Warrior, told the New York Times that meditation “is like a reboot for your brain and soul.” By taking a few minutes to meditate each morning, you can set your mind and body up for success during the rest of the day. Check out this list of top meditation apps for your iPhone or Android to learn how to get started.

They visualize their day

Benjamin Franklin had it right: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”  Successful people tend to be notorious list-makers and planners. Spend a few minutes in the morning mapping out the rest of the day, and which projects are most important to complete. Prioritize these and get them done early in the day when your willpower is still high. Think about how this day fits into your larger goals in life, and visualize what it will be like to get there. Realizing your larger life goals helps keep your motivation high as you perform your least-favorite tasks.

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