Can an HOA Prevent Me From Selling My House?

If you live in an HOA neighborhood, you might wonder, “Can an HOA prevent me from selling my house?” Simply put, they can prevent closing on a sale if you don’t clear your debts with the HOA.

Additionally, you might wonder whether selling a home differs because you belong to an HOA community. For this reason, it’s essential to consider the many ways to sell your HOA home, including for cash. At Professional Home Buyers, we buy houses in Wichita for cash so you can complete the selling process quickly. 

Continue reading to explore more details about living in an HOA subdivision and buying or selling a home in an HOA.

What Is an HOA?

An HOA, or homeowners association, creates rules and enforces them in the neighborhood. An HOA is also responsible for helping create a sense of unity and community in your subdivision and typically puts together various events.

However, while all the intentions of an HOA may be great, living in an HOA neighborhood can also result in fines if you don’t follow these rules and regulations.

Paying Fees to An HOA

When you break HOA rules, you typically face a fine. These violations depend solely on the guidelines in your HOA rules and codes. 

For example, some violations you may have to pay a fine for include not picking up after your pet, not maintaining a clean lawn, parking in the wrong areas, failing to adhere to exterior home requirements, and more. Regardless of the rule break, the HOA has predetermined acceptable amounts they charge that you must pay to remain out of debt.

How Can an HOA’s Rules Affect Selling?

The HOA can create a lien if you don’t pay these fines and remain in debt. This lien serves as legal collateral against your property. If this happens to you and you haven’t paid your debts, the HOA will likely take legal action to repay the debts before you can sell your home. 

This is especially important if there are numerous unpaid violations leading to a large amount of debt.

With this in mind, this is the primary way an HOA can prevent you from selling your house. The HOA will not sign through on the final selling process if you don’t pay the appropriate fees in full.

Rely on Experienced Home Buyers

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your HOA home and you’ve paid off all debts to the homeowners association, it’s time to consider the quickest way to sell a home.

This way, when it’s finally time to sell your home, is the fastest and most hassle-free way to sell a house without a Realtor, even if it’s an HOA.

Instead of wondering, “Can an HOA prevent me from selling my house?” it’s time to pay off your debts and sell your home for cash! Contact Professional Home Buyers in Wichita, KS, today at (316) 202-1628 for no-hassle home selling that puts cash in your pockets! 

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