Can I Sell My House During the Redemption Period?

Are you currently in the redemption period for your home but want a better offer? You’re probably wondering, “Can I sell my house during the redemption period?” 

At Professional Home Buyers, we buy your home as is for a fair price and with a fast turnaround. We’re the experts on the real estate redemption period. Whether you’re Googling, “Sell my house fast in Wichita, KS” or have questions about selling property during the redemption period, we have all the answers you need.

What Is the Redemption Period?

In real estate, the redemption period occurs upon the completion of a property sale after foreclosure. This is a period, usually six months, after your foreclosed house sold at an action. During this period, you still have rights, such as:

  • Continue living in the home without paying the mortgage
  • Catch up on mortgage payments
  • Sell the home to another buyer

Every state offers this right to redemption, so you can pursue a house sale during redemption. 

Right of Redemption in Kansas

Every state maintains different laws concerning the right of redemption. In Kansas, homeowners have a redemption period of one year and you can buy the home yourself or sell it to a third party like Professional Home Buyers.

Selling Your Home During the Redemption Period

Can I sell my house during the redemption period? Yes, and it provides an excellent opportunity to sell the house with a little more control. However, you might have trouble selling a home during the redemption period for the following reasons:

  • You’ll have a limited time to complete the sale, which may provide less leverage for negotiations.
  • Knowing a different buyer has already purchased the home may scare away some buyers.
  • You’ll have a minimum price for which you can sell the house, typically the full price left on the mortgage plus additional fees and accrued interest.

Professional Home Buyers Make Selling Your Home Easy

At Professional Home Buyers, we make home selling during the redemption period straightforward. Instead of going through the process of house listing during redemption, simply call us to start the process.

We’ll inspect your home and offer a fair price. This has several benefits over the traditional process:

  • Because we buy the home as-is you won’t have to worry about preparing it for sale.
  • You won’t have to deal with a realtor, buyers, or open houses.
  • We’re locally owned so your money isn’t going to a national chain.
  • You’ll receive a fair price.
  • We don’t mind time constraints. We can close in as little as seven days.

Selling your home during the redemption period doesn’t have to feel overwhelming when you work with us.

Sell Your Home to Professional Home Buyers Today

Now that you know the answer to, “Can I sell my house during the redemption period?” you can receive a fair price from Professional Home Buyers. Whether you’re preparing your house for sale or want to sell your home without dealing with a crowd of people, we can help. 

To start the process, call our company at (316) 202-1628 today.

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