How Long Does It Take To Sell A House in Wichita KS?

When buying or selling a house in Wichita, Kansas, you undergo a rigorous process and a rollercoaster of emotions before closing on a satisfying deal.

How long does it take to sell a house? What should you expect from your journey? Our team at Professional Home Buyers provides some insight into the process below. 

Factors That Influence Your Sales Timeline

Before putting your house up for sale, research the factors that determine the time you need to attract suitable buyers. Some influences might include:

  •  Type of real estate market: If you sell during a buyer’s market, you might struggle to find potential buyers who meet your listed price. Try selling during a seller’s market to improve your odds.
  •  Time of year: Spring and summer bring green grass, flourishing teens, and blossoming flowers. That means increased curb appeal. Plus, many people view these seasons as the perfect time for new beginnings. 
  •  Region and ZIP code: Some ZIP codes have better reputations than others. If you don’t live in a ZIP code with in-demand amenities, you might wait longer to sell.
  •  Property condition: Does your property need significant improvements? While making those changes will increase your home’s price, it will also lengthen the selling process. 
  •  Pricing your home: While you want your money’s worth, you also don’t want to sit on an overpriced property.

Property Preparation Process

How long does it take to sell a house? The upgrade process influences the time in which your house sells. Tasks like repainting, landscaping, and structural upgrades often take precedence, but remember the small details, too:

  •  Decluttering each room
  •  Rearranging the furniture
  •  Practicing maintenance and cleanliness

How Long Does It Take To Sell a House in Wichita, Kansas?

After preparing your property, you’ll maneuver through the following stages of selling it:

  1.  Listing: First, you’ll list the property. This step entails hammering that “For Sale” sign on your front lawn. You can also upload photos and property details onto digital listing forums. 
  1.  Open house appointments: Next, schedule open houses. These appointments allow potential buyers to see your property in person. They can examine the outdoor and indoor areas to determine whether your house fits their needs.
  1.  Offer acceptance: When you receive an acceptable offer, you proceed with preliminary transactions like inspections and negotiations. 
  1.  Inspections: Inspections determine how much money the buyer can receive for a loan and the home’s perceived worth. 
  1.  Price negotiations: You may or may not negotiate the offered price. If you do negotiate, you’ll wait a little longer before the house sells. 
  1.  Closing: Finally, you’ll sign the closing paperwork and prepare to vacate the property. 

Although you can learn about the selling process, finding an average sale time is almost impossible. Some properties take years to sell. Others sell within months of publishing the listing. 

Professional Home Buyers Helps You Navigate the Wichita Housing Market

When considering the timeframe for selling your house, a crucial aspect to ponder is whether the homeowners association (HOA) has the authority to intervene in the selling process. If HOA can prevent you from selling your house or if you’re still paying for your house, it can potentially affect the duration it takes to find buyers who meet your pricing needs. Speed up the process with our experts at Professional Home Buyers. We buy houses with cash in Wichita. Call 316-202-1628 to learn more.

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