Credit Help is Here

Do you need some help with your credit? Find out how you can increase your credit score with our easy to follow program. We have seen credit scores increase by over 50 points with a few simple steps.In this video, you will learn-What resources are available to you-How to pull your credit and get it … Continued

Fix For Equity Program

You can have tens of thousands of dollars in equity with our Fix For Equity Program. Do some minor renovations and save tons of money on your future home.In this video, you will learn– How to buy Fixer-Upper Homes– How cosmetic work can increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars– How to … Continued

Behind The Scenes

Take a behind the scenes look at how we find you the best deals! This is the first time we have unveiled what makes us the best in the business.In this video, you will Learn– How we find the best deals for you– Where we find the best deals– What resources we have that you … Continued

How We Help People

Meet the Stevens family! They are moving into their new home thanks to our Rent to Own Fixer Upper program. See what we can do for you.

Do Credit Cards Hurt Your Credit?

Q: Do Credit Cards Hurt Your Credit?A: Credit cards and be a positive thing and a negative thing. If credit cards are used correctly, they can help your credit score dramatically! If they are not, they can ruin your credit. The key to using credit cards is to have as many as you can and … Continued

Customize Your Home

You can customize your home the way you want it. Pick your home, pick your carpet, paint and interior decor and we will do the work for you. What a great program: to get the home you want and to get it the way you want.– How to pick the home you want before we … Continued

Customer Service

Do you like to be taken care of? We have a full staff that is here to help you in every need. Top-notch people in a top-notch company.In this video, you will learn– Who you will be working with– Who finds and sells homes– What happens if you have a maintenance request– Who manages the … Continued

Houseplants For Happy Slobs

Houseplants for Happy Slobs 🙂 We happy slobs apparently kill a LOT of houseplants! I’m not the only one…so here are the emails I received from others who have had better success with houseplants since finding some that are REALLY low maintenance.Air FernsColleen wrote:“ONE PLANT THAT IS AVAILABLE, THAT EVEN YOU CAN NOT KILL IS … Continued

Rent to Own FAQs

Our Rent to Own Program is designed to place home buyers into a home before they can actually purchase. We give you the opportunity to live in the home while you build your credit and expect you to finance within a certain amount of time. We’d briefly like to share a little information below, so … Continued

The Many, Many Uses of WD-40 – Who Would Have Thought?!

By admin on Aug 30, 2008, in Frugal Tip, Homemaking Top WD-40 Uses for Moms A post on a message board gave 45 uses for WD-40. Some look suspicious, so I looked them up on Snopes (a site to expose urban legends–the place to go to check out the outrageous email everyone sends you). Sure … Continued

Home ownership will still be relevant, necessary in future

By Bud Cortner Today, Realtors from across the country are gathering on the steps of Capitol Hill to tell members of Congress that home ownership matters – to people, to communities and to America.Why now? Because despite the heated rhetoric of an election year, Realtors remain focused on home ownership, housing and real estate issues.We … Continued

Inexpensive Home Improvements For You To Consider

There are ways to achieve home improvement without breaking the budget. Here are some things to think about.By Anna WoodwardHome improvement can be achieved without totally blowing the budget. Most people are a bit more careful about where and how they spend their hard-earned money. Gone are the days when home equity was rising so … Continued